Where Can You Find Information If You Want to Go Back to School?


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Going back to school as an adult involves a lot of planning and rearranging of routine schedules. The admissions or registration office at colleges and adult education programs usually have all of the necessary information about class offerings, financial aid and other topics of interest to adults wishing to return to school.

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For employed professionals returning to school, Forbes notes that many companies encourage their employees to return to school for further professional development. Since the companies like their work-force to be well-educated, there are often incentives such as tuition reimbursement, salary raises or promotions offered for enrolling in certain college courses or training programs.

The EdAmerica website offers tips for adults making the transition to college life and notes that, in general, college graduates earn more in the span of their lifetime than those who only have a high school diploma. The website recommends checking out resources, such as Ludden's Adult Guide to Colleges and Universities and the American Association for Adult & Continuing Education, for guidance with the back to school process.

About.com has a resource article for non-traditional students which encourages prospective students to ask themselves eight questions before making the decision to head back to school. The article also contains a large number of informational links to sources focusing on tuition, grants, the admissions process and much more.

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