Where Can You Find Information on Full Scholarships for Public Universities in the United States?


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Some sites with a good reputation for vetting their scholarship and fellowship information are Fastweb.com and SSRC.org. There are many different websites that collect and publish information on available scholarships for public universities. Not all of these sites check scholarships for legitimacy, however, so doing background research is important.

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Scams to get personal information by way of fake scholarships do exist, so the safest source is a site hosted by a university. Some schools host their own internal sites that have information on scholarships specific to that school and general scholarships that area residents may be eligible for. Scholarships listed at these internal sites are generally carefully checked to ensure they are not scams. This information may be found under the "financial aid" or "funding options" section of a school's website. If possible, a visit to the school's financial aid office and the office of the department head of the student's program of choice may also turn up valuable scholarship information.

Another option for raising scholarship money online is a scholarship matching site. These sites allow students to post a profile about themselves and their educational needs and have scholarship providers reach out to them. Some examples are Scholarmatch.org and Greennote.com.

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