How Can You Incorporate the "Cell Cell Rap?" Into a Lesson?


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You can incorporate the "Cell Cell Rap" into a lesson by having students use a KWL Chart, having them complete guided notes, or having them compete in a Jeopardy style game with the information from the song. Having students memorize the song is also a helpful way for them to remember important information about cells.

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To use a KWL chart, students divide a sheet of paper into three sections. They then need to label the sections "What I Know (K), What I want to Know (W), and What I learned (L)." Before you introduce the "Cell Cell Rap," give students about two minutes to write down everything that they know about cells in the "What I want to know" section of the chart. Afterwards, give students another two minutes to write down any questions that they may have about cells or anything that they would like to know in the "What I want to know" section. Next, play the song. After the song finishes, instruct students to write down any new information that they learned about cells, especially if the song answers some of their questions.

To use guided notes, transcribe the lyrics to the song in a word-processor. Leave out important words or information and provide blanks instead. Print copies of the sheet for students. As students listen to the song, instruct them to listen carefully so that they know what information to write in the blanks.

You may also use a Jeopardy style template from Superteachertools.com to make a game with important information from the video. Students work in teams to provide the correct answers to the questions. Award the team with the most points with a prize.

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