How Can You Improve a Child's Grades?

Improve a child's grades by reviewing his homework, making studying fun, contacting his teachers about any problems, hiring a tutor or finding out the underlying problem. Fixing a child's sleeping problems can also improve his grades.

Reviewing the child's homework provides an opportunity to notice a problem at an early stage. Try to coach the child, and help him answer the questions. Make studying enjoyable by encouraging the child or providing company when he is doing his homework.

Seek your child's teachers' advice and suggestions on how to assist him. Contact the school guidance counselor if you feel that the teacher is not assisting your child at school. If you choose to hire a tutor to help your child, consult the child's school for recommendations or other parents who have used tutors before. Find out if the child is facing life problems such as bullying at school, that may cause bad grades. Positively encourage the child to improve, and assist him to set realistic goals that you review periodically.

Quality sleep is critical for brain development and influences daytime moods, behavior and functioning. Teach your child sleep hygiene by establishing sleep-healthy bedtimes, bedtime routines and diets. Reduce screen time especially during bedtime, and avoid having a TV in the child's room. Identify and reduce daytime stress.