Where Can You Find Ilocano to Tagalog Translation Services?

Translators Café provides a list of individuals and companies that offer Ilocano to Tagalog translation services. TagalogTranslator.org employs native Tagalog and Ilocano speakers to translate text, localize websites and check brand names.

Translators Café provides a platform to see the profiles and contact information of Ilocano to Tagalog translators. Many of the linguists on the website are locals who work as freelance translators.

Other Ilocano translation options are Schreiber Translations and the Online Ilokano Dictionary Project. Schreiber Translations lists Ilocano to English and English to Ilocano translation services. The Online Ilokano Dictionary Project, with its goal of keeping the dialect alive, also translates from Ilocano to English. The service offers a free Android app for convenient searches on mobile phones.