Where Can You Find Ideas for a Third-Grade Science Project?


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Education.com is a place to find science projects and ideas such as making water magnifier and discovering why honey crystallizes. Science Kids also offers a wide range of science projects from designing an egg drop shell to growing crystals.

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Science projects ideas range from simple, such as turning water glasses into xylophones, to more contemplated, such as making a water magnifier. When turning water glasses into xylophones, a third grader merely fills glasses with different levels of water. She places the glasses in a row from the emptiest glass of water on one side to the fullest glass of water on the other. Then she can tap the glasses with a metal spoon to make different sounds.

Another science project suitable for a third grader is growing salt crystals. This project requires a jar, salt, string, toothpicks, scissors and water. The student first fills the jar with water and adds 1/2 cup of salt. She needs to mix the salt and water. Next, she needs to make the contraption on which the salt grows, requiring a string and toothpick. She ties a piece of to the two ends of the toothpick, creating a loop. She needs to rest the toothpick on the mouth of the jar with the string submerged in the salt water. Finally, she waits for crystals to form.

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