Where can you find ideas for a science fair project?


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Ideas for a science fair project can be found on websites such as Science Buddies, NASA and Science Fair Extravaganza. The science fair ideas are grouped by topic and level of difficulty.

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Where can you find ideas for a science fair project?
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Science Buddies website lists science fair project ideas in the areas of physical science, life science, engineering, earth and environmental science, behavioral and social science and math and computer science. On the website, there are options to browse all projects, to search for a project and to find projects for which kits are available.

Science Fair Extravaganza website offers science fair project ideas in three categories: easy projects, medium projects and challenging projects. Among easy projects there are ideas such as testing a bag's strength or capacity of a battery. Medium projects include testing C-Strength of a balloon by puncturing it ten times without the balloon popping. One of the challenging projects is the recreation of Galileo's gravity experiment.

NASA website provides science fair ideas on the topics of space, earth, solar system and sun. It also mentions possible goals of a science fair project, such as testing an idea, answering a question or demonstrating how nature works. Furthermore, the NASA website contains a step-by-step guidance to preparing a science fair project from picking a topic to practicing the presentation.

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