Where can you find free homeschool workbooks?


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Two of the best online homeschool class workbooks are at Khanacademy.org and Allinonehomeschool.com. They have fantastic free classes that cover a years workbook of lessons and are a complete curriculum.

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Most free homeschool workbooks are available online. Another good place to look is the K12.com in your state. Some programs send workbooks instead of online work. Charlotte Mason homeschoolers can find workbooks at Amblesideonline.org/.

Die hard traditionalists who only want pen and paper books can get tons of free supplemental worksheets at Homeschool-curriculum.org. All the sites list the worksheets or classes by grade level for easy access.

Another way to find free workbooks is to contact a local homeschool co-op. Many have curriculum and book swaps or let people give second hand educational items for free or at a reduced price.

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