Where Can You Get a Free High School Diploma Online?

can-high-school-diploma-online Credit: State Farm/CC-BY 2.0

Columbia Northern High School, West Madison High School and Aberdeen Academy High School all offer online services where a user can enroll in a free course to earn a high school diploma. However, the user must pay to physically obtain a copy of the diploma.

Columbia Northern High School's program offers users an opportunity to earn a high school diploma at their own pace. The website states that most users complete the tests needed to earn a high school diploma in one sitting and receive their graduation parcel a few days later. The graduation parcel, which includes the diploma, costs $249, as of March 2015. The platinum graduation parcel costs $349.

West Madison High School's program gives users a test patterned after the GED that they can take on their own time. The graduation parcel includes a verification service. This means the program confirms that the customer has graduated high school with any of the customer's potential employers. The accelerated diploma costs $249 to obtain and the standard parcel costs $349.

Aberdeen Academy High School promises customers can earn a high school diplomas in 60 minutes or less through the program's test. The diploma package costs $249 and includes free two-day shipping.