How Can You Get a Free High School Diploma?


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Some states and districts have free high school diploma programs online for children who are residents. For adults, adult education organizations work with schools and libraries to provide diploma programs to those who did not graduate. Some states may offer a free high school diploma program that is not online.

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Public schools who provide online education to a particular state or district may only serve children belonging to specific demographics, depending on the laws of that state. They may also have restrictions and limited courses available. Charter schools may be more flexible in what children they can accept and what courses they offer but might be at risk of losing funding and closing. A state's Department of Education usually lists the high school programs available online or in non-traditional settings and information on who may qualify.

Career Online High School and its parent organization Smart Horizons Career Online Education partnered with Cengage Learning and several public library systems to provide free high school diploma programs to adults. Students who don't have access to a free program may have to look into the programs offered by private high schools and colleges, which charge tuition. They may also take the General Educational Development high school equivalency tests, which have variable costs, depending on the state.

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