Where Can You Find Free Handwriting Worksheets?


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The websites HandwritingWorksheets.com, SoftSchools.com, HandwritingPractice.net and StudentHandouts.com provide free handwriting practice worksheets. HandwritingWorksheets.com offers customizable worksheets for printing, D'Nealian style and cursive writing. Users can select letter size, content and writing style before downloading the final product. Worksheets for kindergarten and first grade students are available. Choose from sentence worksheets, single-word worksheets or paragraph worksheets on the site's cursive writing page.

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SoftSchools.com is a general elementary education site with handwriting resources, including the option for users to make their own free handwriting worksheets. The site offers a choice of font size and content, which users can enter on a line-by-line basis. SoftSchools.com also provides pre-made cursive alphabet worksheets for uppercase and lowercase letters. Worksheets for printing simple words are available for younger students; these are illustrated in order to aid children's phonics skills.

HandwritingPractice.net's worksheets are available in six different styles, including print dots, D'Nealian style dots and cursive dots. Select a worksheet style by clicking on a sheet; follow the site's prompts to create an individualized worksheet. Users can choose to display different content in each line, enabling students to trace paragraphs; same-content lines help students practice fine motor skills for writing short sentences or words.

StudentHandouts.com offers print alphabet tracing worksheets, cursive alphabet sheets, worksheets for children to practice writing their names and shape tracing exercises for younger children. Pre-made worksheets contain practice sentences, such as the phrase "I like doing my homework every night," and famous quotations. Blank lined pages are available so students can practice freehand writing. The site provides pages geared toward children from kindergarten through eighth grade.

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