Where Can You Find Free Grants for College Students?


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The government Federal Student Aid website, CollegeScholarships.org and The College Grants Database are places students can find free college grants. These sites list different types of grants and how to apply for, receive and use them.

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The Federal Student Aid site focuses on federal grants offered to students who qualify after filling out the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. These are need-based grants, so students have to meet specific financial parameters to qualify. The grants listed here are given through a partnership with the school being attended, as well as the results of the FAFSA.

CollegeScholarships.org has different categories of grants, such as degree level, student type, subject, minority and athletic-based grants. Each category page has an overview of how the grants work, followed by a list of some grant options, along with links for more information about each grant. The site also has pages for government-issued grants.

The College Grants Database divides its catalogue of grants into career, government grants, minorities, student type and type of school. In a similar manner to CollegeScholarships.org, each page has an overview of the grant type followed by a list of grants. However, each grant entry has more detailed information on how to apply for and receive the grant.

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