Where Can You Find Good Science Project Ideas?


Many websites created by science teachers and educational organizations provide ideas for science projects, including ScienceBuddies.org, ScienceBob.com and ScienceProjectsForKids.com. These projects cover all scientific areas, including physics, robotics, geology, biology and zoology. Each project comes with a list of materials and procedures so projects can be carried out at home.

At ScienceBuddies.org, project ideas include how to build a model car powered by air, how to dissolve rocks in acidic water, how the immune system fights the flu using memory and how crickets can tell the temperature. Each project comes with a rating for difficulty, an estimated amount of time needed to complete, a list of materials required for the project and the estimated cost. The site also offers tips on data collection and forms for recording data, as well as diagrams and video overviews.

ScienceBob.com provides a list of questions that can form the basis for a science project. Examples include "Can the food we eat affect our heart rate?" and "Does the color of a room affect human behavior?" ScienceBob.com also provides a breakdown of the scientific method and information on how to successfully present a project at a science fair.

ScienceProjectIdeasforKids.com features science investigations developed by a long-time science teacher and author. Examples include "The Chemistry Of Fruit Browning," which involves testing to determine how to slow the process of browning on apple slices, and "Why do people hold books at a distance when reading?" The site also provides ideas for additional investigation and information on procedures for scientific investigation.