Where Can You Find Some Good Samples for School Fundraising Letters?


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Sample school fundraising letters are found at Fundraiserhelp.com, School-fundraisers.com and PTOtoday.com. Each website provides samples that users can add their own information and circumstances into the letter form.

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School fundraising letters that using the words I and You can help to provide interest and engage the reader. To grab the reader's attention, write about a specific where past fundraising efforts has helped. By telling a story that relates to the fundraising gives the reader insight into the situation and reminds them why the fundraising efforts are important. The writer should suggest donation amounts geared to the particular donor and emphasize the impact that the donation could have on the school.

When crafting the letter so that it's easy to ready, indent paragraphs, and ensure each paragraph is no more than seven lines long, but vary the length of the paragraphs. Use bullet points instead of listing items within a sentence. The writer should use subheadings and underline key words sparingly to call attention to those words or phrases.

Close the letter by thanking the donors in advance for their anticipated contribution. This makes a subtle assumption that the donor will contribute. Emphasise again why the donation is so important, reinforcing why the donation is needed and outline the consequences if the donor does not act.

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