Where Can You Find a Good List of Synonyms for the Word "said"?


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Synonyms for the word “said” can be found on Oxforddictionaries.com and Thesaurus.com. A thesaurus is a type of dictionary or encyclopedia that lists groups of words with closely related definitions.

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“Say,” the past participle of said, and synonyms that can be used instead of said may be used to convey a feeling, instruction or intention. Examples of synonyms for “say” include utter, declare, announce and suggest. Synonyms of “said” can be modified to improve declarations of speech with the use of adverbs. Modified phrases include: she uttered softly, he declared loudly and she commented rudely.

Dictionaries are a helpful source of definitions for closely related words suggested by a thesaurus to better understand the context they can be successfully used. “Modulated” is a potential synonym for vocalization, but from looking at the definition, you know that it has more to do with “harmonizing” than speaking.

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