Where Can You Find Good Ideas for Science Fair Projects for Kids?


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Science fair project ideas can be obtained from MPM Ideas, Science Kids and Education.com. These sites offer project ideas for children ranging from third grade all the way up to 10th grade.

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Filtering science fair project ideas by age is important. MPM Ideas has the most project ideas for sixth graders. Some of these projects include exploring which soft drink is worst for teeth, which gum brand lasts the longest, does the shape of an ice cube affect the rate at which it melts and making a pizza box solar oven.

Science Kids categorizes project ideas by difficulty and provides additional support information. This support includes reviews of the scientific method and basics in chemistry, biology, physics and earth science. These resources are a great way to collect inspiration for developing a unique study. Easy projects include growing salt crystals, making fossils, building a simple robot and creating a simple stethoscope.

Education.com offers over 274 project ideas for students in the sixth grade. These are categorized by grade level and scientific topic. For example, one ecology project recommended for students at this level is studying how mold grows. One electricity and magnetism project includes investigating what a series circuit is. These projects vary in terms of difficulty and needed supplies.

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