How Can You Be a Good Fourth Grade Teacher?


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Becoming a good fourth grade teacher requires a combination of certification as well as in-class pedagogical skills. The first concern all potential teachers should be concerned with is proper licensing.

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How Can You Be a Good Fourth Grade Teacher?
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Anyone hoping to become a fourth grade teacher must have, at minimum, a bachelors degree. However, this degree does not have to be in education. The requirement varies from state to state and it is best to check with your local school board for confirmation on these standards. Public school teachers must attain state licenses, which requires that they complete a teacher preparation program. There are also general certification exams that prospective teachers can take. The path to licensing varies depending on the state. Once properly licensed, a teacher's chief concern is keeping students engaged in the classroom. Teachers should remember that each student comes from a different background and will have different responses to lessons. This means a teacher will have to be able to tailor his lessons to accommodate different students of varying learning speeds. Having a good teaching style requires a combination of both style and substance. Teachers must maintain the attention of the classroom, but also must deliver content that will appear on end-of-year examinations. Good teaching also requires that a teacher be attentive to individuals and respond as a mentor when needed. The bond between a teacher and student is both professional and emotional.

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