Where Can You Find Good Examples of Process Writing?

Some good examples of process writing essays can be found at Capital Community College’s Guide to Grammar and Writing, ESL Flow and St. Cloud State University’s Literary Education Online. A process essay is a piece of writing that describes how to do something or how a process occurs.

Each site offers examples of well-written process essays. Capital Community College and St. Cloud State University offer general instructions on the writing of process essays along with one sample essay each, while ESL Flow offers both a range of instructions and several examples of essays. Using all three websites, students can view process essays on subjects like how to give blood, how to make Kool-Aid and how to buy a car. ESL Flow also offers a range of possible topic ideas for students looking for inspiration.

A process essay should typically describe a brief process that is not overly complicated. The paper needs to be short enough to engage casual readers without overwhelming them with information. A process essay typically starts with an introduction explaining to readers why the task is important. It then moves on to the various steps that make up the process. Writers should try to avoid falling into repetitive patterns when describing different steps and cut down on words like “next” or “then.”