Where Can You Find General History Quizzes?

The websites ProProfs.com, TrivialPlaza.com and HistoryExtra.com provide general history quizzes. The quizzes at ProProfs.com focus on historical facts from ancient to modern history. TrivialPlaza.com features quizzes about important historical dates and figures in world history. The website HistoryExtra.com features weekly general history quizzes that appear in the BBC History magazine.

ProProfs.com specializes in educational quizzes of various subjects, including history. Historical quizzes and trivia cover a wide range of topics, such as American history, World War II and the Russian Revolution. The number of questions in the quizzes ranges from 10 to 15. The website displays the full questions and alternative answers for each quiz and also features an online tool to take the quizzes. Users can choose to reveal the answers either during the quiz or at the end of the quiz.

TrivialPlaza.com features trivia on many topics. The website classifies historical quizzes in two main categories: General History quizzes and History of the United States of America quizzes. Most quizzes focus on historical dates and figures rather than historical events. Some of the quizzes consist of guessing the name of the historical figures in images.

HistoryExtra.com is a website featuring content appearing in the BBC History magazine, including a weekly history quiz. The quizzes at HistoryExtra.com are harder than those featured by ProProfs.com and TrivialPlaza.com, with some covering little-known facts.