Where Can You Find Free French Lessons?

Free French lessons are available on many websites, including Alison.com, OpenCulture.com and Bonjour.com, as of 2015. Free printable worksheets for French language learning are found on QCFrench.com and FreeLanguageTutorials.com.

Alison.com provides users with a variety of free online classes, including "Basic French Language Skills for Everyday Life" and "Mastering French Grammar and Vocabulary." OpenCulture.com offers a list of nearly 20 different French learning resources through which users can download video- or audio-based lessons, such as "French 1 & French 2" from Carnegie Mellon and "Learn French with Daily Lessons" from iTunes. Bonjour.com provides eight free lessons that cover topics such as greetings, numbers, transportation and French expressions.