How Can You Do Fastt Math at Home?


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Doing Fastt Math at home requires that the individual's school provides remote access to the online service through the school or school district's website, suggests Hillside Grade School. As of 2015, Fastt Math is only available as a subscription to institutions.

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Parents can contact their children's school to learn if there is access to Fastt Math from home. Some school websites provide a link to the service on the teacher's page or a page dedicated to the school's programs, while school districts might link to Fastt Math from a section for students, mentions Hillside Grade School. After finding the link, the student will need to enter login information that the school provides and can then begin using Fastt Math from home.

Along with Fastt Math's use in schools, it's recommended to do lessons regularly from home daily, suggests Hillside Grade School. Students only need to use it 10 to 15 minutes a day.

The online program is known for helping children from second grade and beyond with quickly remembering math facts, and it takes an individualized approach, states Scholastic. It focuses on addition, multiplication, subtraction and division and features games and assessments. Children first start the program with an assessment that examines their strengths and weaknesses, and as they use the program, the program adapts to where they need the most help.

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