What Can Be Expected at a Beginner Typing Lesson?


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A beginner typing lesson starts with learning where the keys are in relationship to finger placement and how to hit them in a rhythmic pattern. Teachers stress repetition, first with letters and then with short or common words, so patterns develop in the student's brain.

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What Can Be Expected at a Beginner Typing Lesson?
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The best words to start training are simple articles that do not cause the student to consider meaning, such as "and," "the" and "because." Learning a typing pattern is all about learning the motion of typing first. Early in the training, students are allowed to look between the keyboard and the text as a way to build hand-eye coordination. The goal is to get students to a level where they only look at the text and not at the keyboard.

Errors are inevitable in the early stages of typing. Most instructors ignore typing errors in the beginning and focus on technique. Students are also taught to sit up straight, keep their feet flat on the floor, adjust chair height so that their fingers hit the keyboard in the appropriate places, and hover their index fingers over the raised dots on the two center keys as a reference. Doing so keeps students from developing a hunt-and-peck approach to typing.

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