Where Can You Find Examples of Vote of Thanks Speeches?

Find examples of vote of thanks speeches at eAge Tutor and the website of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. The examples are in text format and free to access.

A vote of thanks speech is a way of expressing gratitude towards the people that have helped the organization or the company reach a certain goal. A good vote of thanks speech must be short, use simple language and keep to the point. When acknowledging the efforts of the team, the individual giving the speech can also mention the names of those who displayed outstanding performance.

Start your speech by addressing the most prominent individuals in the audience and then addressing the entire audience. Mention the leaders of the team first, and then issue a general address by saying "ladies and gentlemen" or using a similar expression.

A good way to end a vote of thanks speech is to involve the audience in it. Call the audience to applaud those on the receiving end of the speech. You can either directly instruct the audience to applaud by simply telling them to do so or express your gratitude in an enthusiastic way to convey the message.

To ensure a successful delivery of the speech, practice beforehand, stay calm and use body language that makes you appear comfortable. Avoid crossing your arms or holding your hands in front of your stomach. Show the audience that you're happy to be giving the vote of thanks speech.