Where Can You Find Examples of Scholarship-Winning Essays?

Unigo.com publishes a list of essays written by the winners of various Unigo scholarships. InternationalStudent.com also features a number of sample scholarship essays, including "The Book That Made Me A Journalist."

Themes for scholarships that Unigo.com has awarded include "I Have a Dream," "Next Big Thing" and "I Was Born in 1994." The 2015 Winner of "I Have a Dream" scholarship is Leann I. from Fort Worth, Texas. Leann wrote in her essay that what she dreams of is to make a difference for a better world - the world in which everyone treats one another with kindness and respect, and that everyone is equal.

The 2013 Winner of "Next Big Thing" is Thomas G. from Chicago, Illinois. When asked about the next big thing he wanted to create, he answered in his essay he wanted to invent a device that can stimulate all of the senses. He later explained that the device is the human mind, and its possibilities are endless.

InternationalStudent.com features not only sample scholarship-winning essays, but also tips and tricks for writing a scholarship essay. The website offers a list of eight steps to write a better scholarship essay. These steps include: read the essay prompt thoroughly, make a list of important points and keywords, write an outline, write a strong statement, fill in the missing parts, rewrite & revise, have someone else read the essay, and refine the final draft.