Where Can You Find Examples of Capstone Projects?

Many students find examples of capstone projects on university websites. Some universities post capstone work from their seniors on their websites for other people to look at and get inspiration from.

For example, American University's Department of Communication has a page where you can download a PDF of each of their graduates' capstone projects. Looking at other student's capstone projects is a great way to get inspiration for your own project, but be sure you aren't plagiarizing their papers.

Local universities may have archives of their students' capstone projects. They will be happy to share what other students have written. In addition to that, talking to students who have completed a capstone is a good way to learn more about the project. Students will gladly share their project with others, since they took so much time to put it together. With just a little bit of research and asking around, it's easy to find examples of capstones.