Where Can You Find English Conversation Lessons for ESL Students?

Santa Ana College in Santa Ana, California, has courses in conversational English as part of its ESL program. Florida International University has an intensive conversational English program, and Anne Arundel Community College and the University of Iowa both have English conversation partner programs that pair ESL students with native speakers.

Santa Ana's ESL program has seven components that range from ESL Literacy to Intermediate 3. The second level, ESL Beginning 1, starts students on speaking common words and phrases. This progresses to longer conversations in ESL Beginning 3 and more advanced speaking in Intermediate 1, 2 and 3.

Florida International University's non-academic Intensive Conversation Program runs for three weeks at a time and focuses students primarily on conversation. The classes are small to facilitate participation, and include accompanying language laboratory classes.

Anne Arundel Community College's English conversation partner program places ESL students with native speaking AACC Service Learning students for practice in everyday conversation. Partners also meet in small English groups that meet for an hour once a week. The University of Iowa has a similar program that pairs students, staff and faculty members with ESL students. Pairings partly come about by survey results that come with the program application. Partners meet and, if all is well, sign a contract.