Where Can You Find an Encyclopedia of Antique Glass?


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Learners can find an antique glass encyclopedia at 20th Century Glass and theBigLightingCompany.com, who are specialists in antique and vintage glass items. 20th Century Glass provides information and pictures to help learners and collectors identify a certain type of glassware or discover more about different types of glasses, while theBigLightingCompany.com provides a collector's encyclopedia of milk glass.

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The antique glass encyclopedia covers different types of glassware ranging from Art Deco glass items to Czech and Bohemian glassware. 20th Century Glass updates the items depending on the acquisition date. The gallery of glasses includes antique glass available for sale as well as pictures of glasses the merchant has sold in the past.

20th Century Glass classifies the items into origin. Each classification comes with a description of the history and identification of authentic items. The classification comes with a catalog of antique glass from that origin. Clicking on each listing of the catalog opens a product description page containing the product history, the products available and photos of the glassware. The encyclopedia also provides a link to the online shop for those looking to purchase glassware.

Glass collectors can also browse latest additions to the gallery and check the latest encyclopedia updates. Shoppers can alternatively sign up for a newsletter to get more information; however, they need to create an account before signing up. Use the collector's encyclopedia from theBigLightingCompany.com to identify different types of vintage milk glass.

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