Can educators complain about ratings on Rate My Professor?


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Professors may contact ratemyprofessors.com administrators regarding content that violates site guidelines. This includes defamatory or false statements or content written with malicious intent. As a last resort, legal action may be sought against the commenter to force removal of offensive content.

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Ratemyprofessors.com users may only post ratings if they have taken or are currently taking the professor's class and are limited to one comment per class. Posts including profanity as well as those that address a professor's sex life, bias against groups of students, employment status, illegal activities or accusations of the professor posting their own reviews may be removed. Offending posts may be flagged, or you may contact the site administrators directly via an online form; by mail at RateMyProfessors.com, LLC, 1515 Broadway, New York, New York 10036, Attn: Business and Legal Affairs; or by phone at 212-654-7763.

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