Can You Earn High School Credits Online?

Students can earn high school credits online at schools such as Penn Foster High School, The Virtual High School and Connections Academy. These programs offer courses for students wishing to go to high school online full-time and for those who wish to take summer courses.

Penn Foster High School provides courses with open enrollment, such as United States History and Algebra I. Courses can have approximately 400 students and, as of 2015, the school graduates approximately 8,000 students every year, notes U.S. News & World Report.

The Virtual High School works with a student's local guidance counselor to create a program that meets the student's needs and educational requirements. Students can choose from around 200 courses, including Advanced Placement courses.

Connections Academy offers a core curriculum of online courses in science, math, social studies and English. Students can also take electives in areas such as foreign languages and journalism, as well as Advanced Placement courses.