Can You Earn Continuing Education Credits Through Online Coursework?

Students can earn continuing education credits through online coursework in a number of disciplines. A wide variety of careers rely on regular online coursework in order to retain certification or update skills and knowledge to improve performance.

Continuing education courses are designed for those already at work in their careers, and as such are offered online to allow professionals to gain the necessary credits while still working full-time. The need for continuing education credits extends from careers in teaching, to lawyers and fitness trainers.

Some fields, like medicine, law and real estate, may require yearly coursework in some states to maintain a license.

It is possible to take these courses through large universities, like Harvard or the University of Phoenix, that offer a wide variety of continuing education classes in multiple fields. There are also accredited organizations and websites that exist solely to serve a particular career path, like CE Credits Online, which focuses specifically on further educating teachers, or the National Health Career Association, which offers continuing education in the medical professions.

Even careers that are very much hands-on, or are practically applied like physical fitness or barbering, have online continuing education courses to deepen professionals' understanding of related subjects in order to advance their careers.