Where Can You Download a Printable Basic Medical Term List?

Students in need of a printable basic medical term list can download a copy of terms from school-affiliated websites such as instructor blogs or a course platform management system such as Blackboard or CollegeWeb. Insurance companies maintain lists of medical terms on their websites for students and patients to download and to determine how to file and categorize claims.

Third-party websites that support online and print books about medical terms often provide printable lists of basic medical terms. For example, Dummies.com features a downloadable series on medical terminology that is available for a fee. It may also be possible to obtain a list of medical terms from a dictionary website that categorizes words and terms as health care terms.

Textbook websites for courses on medical terminology, human anatomy, basic medical care or medical coding often provide downloadable lists of terms and definitions. Textbook publishers such as Pearson, Springer Science and Elsevier commonly support online portals for students who have purchased their textbooks. Online textbook sites may also feature interactive quizzes and practice tests for students studying medical terminology.

A list of printable basic medical terms is often beneficial for students seeking careers in the health care field, as they complete educational courses and practicums that require knowledge of basic and advanced medical terms. Individuals entering the medical billing and coding field must also be aware of basic medical terms, and a printable list can serve as a quick reference sheet to aid them on the job.