Where Can You Get Free Dolch Word Lists?

Where Can You Get Free Dolch Word Lists?

Free Dolch word lists are available from the Utah Education Network, JanBrett.com and MrsPerkins.com. In addition to the vocabulary lists, some of the sites offer worksheets or activities that feature these words.

The Utah Education Network has links to two Dolch PDFs. One lists the words in alphabetical order, while the other ranks them by decreasing frequency.

JanBrett.com divides the Dolch words into 11 distinct lists. Each is decorated with a picture by Jan Brett, an award-winning children's book illustrator. A link under each set of words connects to a PDF. In addition, clicking on a list opens it up into a full-size web page.

MrsPerkins.com presents many variations of Dolch lists. Most word sets have two format options, such as PDF, Word document, PowerPoint page and audio version. In addition to the 220 Dolch common words, one list includes Dolch's 95 high-frequency nouns. Word lists are available in several arrangements, including alphabetically, by frequency and by reading level.

At MrsPerkins.com, every reading level has a list of appropriate words as well as printable flashcard worksheets. There is a PowerPoint presentation that flashes each word in the set for four seconds. In addition, two versions of a story containing Dolch words are able to be printed. In one, all of the Dolch words are color-coded by reading level.