How Can You Get a Diploma Online?

How Can You Get a Diploma Online?

Getting a high school diploma online typically requires finding an accredited program and completing the course requirements. Course requirements vary by school, but they usually follow curriculum requirements set by the state.

The first step in getting a high school diploma online is finding an accredited program. The Distance Education and Accrediting Commission operates an accrediting commission for distance learning programs such as online high schools. Additionally, prospective students should look for regional accreditation, as this is the most accepted form of accreditation for transferring coursework or entering college.

Coursework and curriculum requirements are set by the state. Prospective students should check those requirements and match them to their existing credits. Likewise, they should evaluate any program they're considering for efficiency in meeting those requirements.

Three types of programs offer online diploma options. Public and charter online schools receive government funding. They are free to minor residents but restricted to adults. Private schools are available to everyone, but they cost money for the coursework. Homeschoolers often use the curriculum from private high schools.

Some online diploma options are sponsored by colleges and universities. They are flexible and offer a high-quality education. However, these courses cater to highly motivated and self-disciplined students.

After completing the required coursework, students follow each individual school's procedure for receiving their diploma.