How Can You Design a Template for a Student Progress Report?

To design a template for a student progress report, open a spreadsheet software program, such as Microsoft Excel or Numbers for Mac, and choose a new document or project. Insert a heading section with the class or project name, a space for the name of the student, and a place for the date that you change for each student or reporting period. Create an overview section that contains at least two sentences concerning what happened during the reporting period.

Create a table to list each graded activity from the reporting period. This is sectioned into assignments, quizzes and tests if each type of grade carries a different weight in the overall performance grade. The first column contains the date, while the second column contains the name of the assignment, quiz or test. A third column lists the grade. Add an accumulated grade section that lists the grade average of each progress report so far, as well as a total grade that utilizes the appropriate formula for that spreadsheet program to average the grade.

Under the grade section, create a table for assignments yet to be completed. Create one column with the assignment name and a second column with the assignment due date. Add another section for any notes concerning obstacles or challenges the student has or information concerning what the next reporting period covers.

Save the template with a clear title. Create folders for each reporting period, and save each student's progress report in the corresponding folder. Make any adjustments to the original template as needed, but always leave it blank when you save it to prevent confusion or mistakes.