How Can You Design Practice Tests for Prepositions?


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Design practice tests for prepositions by creating sentences that are missing a needed preposition, and offer multiple choices for what the correct answer is. Such practice tests may cover all prepositions or may focus on a certain kind, such as prepositions that focus on time.

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The preposition practice tests may be created as traditional practice tests or as web-based quizzes that allow students to instantly view how well they performed. Sample questions include sentences such as "Go ____ these stairs until you reach the top floor." Place possible multiple choice answers beneath the question, such as "on," "in," "through" and "up." Such exercises help students to understand how the choice of a specific preposition can either accurately convey meaning or can confuse the reader.

Similarly, you can design a preposition sheet to help students understand the finer points of time-related prepositions. This includes the correct use of the words "in," "at," "for," "since" and "on."

These questions should highlight how the word "in" is used to refer to days, months, years and seasons. Questions about "on" should highlight how it is used to refer to days and dates. Questions regarding "at" should showcase how it is used to refer to very specific times, while "for" is used to refer to specific lengths of time. Finally, questions about "since" should highlight its use in referencing starting dates and times.

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