How Can You Design Your Own Fraternity Paddles?


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To design a fraternity paddle, purchase wood large enough for the paddle to be four times as long as it is wide, including the handle. Use a sketch pad or large art paper to draw the paddle to scale. Cut out the sketch, and use it to trace the needed cuts on the wood. Use a jigsaw to cut the board into the paddle shape. Use a drill to create a centered hole at the end of the handle.

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Use a large grit sandpaper, and sand all the edges of the paddle to remove any jagged edges from the cut. Move on to a medium grit sandpaper, and sand the paddle until it is smooth. Use a fine grit sandpaper to refine the surface of the wood. Use water and mild soap to clean the paddle, set the paddle onto a towel or drying rack and let it dry.

If painting the paddle, use a small paintbrush, and paint a thin coat of primer. Let the paddle dry, and then use craft paint to apply several thin coats of paint until it reaches the opacity desired. Once the last coat of paint dries, use stencils and a wood pencil to trace Greek letters or a logo onto the body of the paddle. Use a small paintbrush to fill in the letters or logo, and finish the paddle with a coat of polyurethane in either a matte or glossy finish.

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