How Can You Deepen Your Speaking Voice?

How Can You Deepen Your Speaking Voice?

The natural tone of anyone's speaking voice can be deepened by training the voice to work from the diaphragm. A deep voice naturally comes from long, thick vocal cords and those were developed during puberty, so after the vocal cords have developed, the only trick to getting a deeper, more manly voice is to practice speaking from the diaphragm.

When trying to lower a voice, men often try to project their voice from the lower part of their throat, and this can actually damage the vocal cords. The vibrations felt from speaking from the throat are what eventually add unnecessary wear and tear on a voice and cause hoarseness, sore throats and often a loss of voice.

Following the breathing exercises below, the voice can be slightly deepened without straining or damaging the vocal cords.

  1. Take a deep breath
  2. Take a deep breathe so that the belly sucks in and abdominal muscles are contracted. The shoulders and chest remain still when breathing through the diaphragm.

  3. Speak from the diaphragm
  4. After taking a deep breath, start speaking from the diaphragm. In order to hear a difference in the voice, be sure the sounds are coming from the abdomen.

  5. Practice
  6. Practice speaking in front of a mirror several times a day while performing breathing exercises. Try to consciously make an effort to breathe from the diaphragm throughout the day in order to strengthen the diaphragm muscles.