How Can "Dance Mat Typing" Teach You to Type Without Looking at Your Hands?

The game "Dance Mat Typing" teaches a player to type without looking at her hands through the use of visual and audio clues, which help create a familiarity with the keyboard layout and build muscle memory. The game has a structure that starts with basic typing skills, building upon the foundation over time to enhance touch typing proficiency.

One benefit of many typing games, including the game "Dance Mat Typing," is that they create a positive and enjoyable environment that incorporates learning in a way that makes the player interested in continuing the process. For example, "Dance Mat Typing" features bright and whimsical visuals that don't make the player feel as if she is studying, but instead that she is participating in an actual game. After establishing this base, the player is able to focus on mastering the challenges set forth by the game, which begin with typing specific keys from the center row of the keyboard.

As the player continues to play the game, she learns about the proper way to place her fingers on the keyboard, which fingers to use to press each key, and strengthens her skill at typing quickly. The game offers some instruction on how to handle these skills, but its gameplay allows the player to experiment and learn which methods work for herself. Over time, she increases her skills and can type using her memory of key locations rather than looking at the keyboard each time.