How Can You Find Daily Geography Lessons for Sixth Grade?


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Many educational websites offer sixth grade geography lessons, including DiscoveryEducation.com, GeographyWorldOnline.com, NationalGeographic.com and SmithsonianEducation.org. Most sites that outline sixth grade lesson plans also include lessons for elementary, middle and high school.

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Each of these sites details lesson plans that correlate with national standards, some offering a more comprehensive alignment with state standards. For example, National Geographic describes a middle school lesson plan that has students analyze how political borders in Europe have changed and compare it to what they know about the physical and cultural geography of Europe and in their own community. The lesson cites National Council for Social Studies Curriculum Standards and National Geography Standards.

SmithsonianEducation.org addresses National Academy of Sciences National Science Content Standards, as well as individual state standards. Users can select the state, grade level and area of study. They are then connected to a list of state standards fitting those criteria. Within each standard listed, resources are identified with links to the information that is found elsewhere within the site.

GeographyWorldOnline.com, which is geared exclusively for geography teachers, provides links to outside resources, geography organizations, worksheets and puzzles. Within this site, users can connect with organizations ranging from the American Geographic Society to the International Geographical Union.

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