Where Can You Find a Cursive Handwriting Chart Online?


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Practical Pages offers free cursive handwriting charts along with home school tips and projects. Student Handouts provides printable worksheets in PDF format, and How To Write in Cursive includes instructions and helpful ideas for cursive writing.

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Where Can You Find a Cursive Handwriting Chart Online?
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Several styles of cursive writing exist. If learning cursive to satisfy a school requirement, it’s a good idea to know which style the school teaches. While all styles have similarities and should appear legible, many teachers have to grade work according to the cursive style endorsed by their school system.

Handwriting styles generally fall into the Modern Italic or the Ball-and-Stick categories, which are broad categories and not specific. In Modern Italic, cursive styles tend to look more like printed capital letters. In Ball-and-Stick styles, some capitals do not resemble the printed letters, and the writer adds ornamental loops to some letters. Cursive letters appear sloped in both styles.

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