How Can You Create Zoo-Phonics Printable Activity Sheets?

Zoo-Phonics offers free samples of its activity worksheets on its website, available as a downloadable PDF file. The file contains activity worksheets found in preschool, kindergarten and first grade reading kits.

Zoo-Phonics offers worksheets, games, teaching manuals and readers designed to be included in reading, spelling and writing curricula for toddlers through first graders. The Zoo-Phonics system relies on kinetic learning, which encourages children to learn through movement, as well as sight, sound, speech and touch. Zoo-Phonics' "Animal Letters," illustrations included in both their flashcards and worksheets, feature drawings of animals merged into the shapes of upper and lower case letters. The activities encourage children to learn their letters through mimicking these animal poses, and activity worksheets develop perception and fine motor skills.

In addition to the free downloadable activity worksheets available on its website, Zoo-Phonics sells additional activity worksheets as part of its preschool, kindergarten and first grade kits. Teachers and parents can also purchase the activity sheets independent of the kits in a package of 180 worksheets covering all three reading levels and sold as a spiral-bound activity book. Zoo-Phonics does not offer any activity sheets other than the free sample pages in a digital format. Educators can make unlimited copies of any page in the activity book, drawn in reprintable black line graphics.