How Can You Create a Thanksgiving Lesson Plan for Kindergarten?


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A Thanksgiving lesson plan for Kindergarten can involve story time with discussion about the Pilgrims and Native Americans, creative storytelling or making crafts for a community service project. Each of these activities can help children develop their creative skills and understand the meaning of Thanksgiving.

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One activity that is appropriate for Kindergarten-aged pupils is narrating the basic story of Thanksgiving from the perspective of both the Pilgrims and the Native Americans. Students can get involved in the discussion and explore what each group may have felt or experienced. The teacher may start the discussion by asking what the kids already know about Pilgrims and Native Americans, and talk to them about the importance of establishing friendly relationships between different groups of people.

Another fun activity could be making up a story about a turkey. Each of the pupils would get a page of the story, with each page representing a day leading up to Thanksgiving. The child can fill in blanks to tell others what the turkey did or saw that day and draw accompanying illustrations.

The teacher can also undertake a project to help the kids in a community service activity. For example, the students can make placemats for a local nursing home or homeless shelter to brighten up someone's Thanksgiving dinner. Each child can decorate a large rectangular piece of construction paper, which can then be laminated and used as a placemat.

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