Where Can You Take a CPR Practice Test?


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Free CPR practice tests are available at CPR-Test.org, which offers tests for adults, babies and children; another practice test on the site covers aid to choking victims. The tests are free, and the content is updated to cover the latest CPR guidelines.

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Cardiac arrest occurs when a person’s heart stops beating and oxygenated blood, which keeps vital organs alive, stops circulating throughout the body. This often results in death before sufferers can reach the hospital. CPR is used to improve a sufferer’s chance of surviving a heart attack or a near-drowning long enough to seek medical attention.

DR ABC is a mnemonic device that helps emergency responders remember the steps for delivering CPR; the mnemonic stands for Danger, Respond, Airway, Breath and Compression. Responders must be aware of any surrounding dangers; determine whether the victim is able to respond; and clear the victim’s airway. Responders must also check for regular breaths, then start chest compressions.

Because some assistance is better than none, the American Heart Association recommends that both untrained bystanders and professional medical personnel should administer CPR by staring with chest compressions, which must continue until paramedics arrive. Only those well-trained in CPR should alternate between chest compressions and rescue breaths at regular intervals.

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