Where Can I Find Free Courses to Take Online?


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Find free online courses by searching websites like MIT Open Courseware, Coursera, Open Yale Courses, Udacity and EdX, says TeachThought. Different schools and institutions offer programs and courses in a variety of areas with features like recorded lectures and access to exams.

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Where Can I Find Free Courses to Take Online?
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MIT Open Courseware allows students to download all material from a large variety of courses nearly identical to the classes taught at MIT, notes TeachThought. Coursera maintains one of the largest databases for open courseware from 16 different universities. Open Yale has a comprehensive website that offers classes in many different subjects, and videos from classroom lectures can be viewed online or downloaded. Courses at Udacity are focused on computer science, and students earn credit from participating universities by taking a proctored exam. Unlike other online courses, EdX classes have a specific length and duration and require a commitment to particular class times and assignments.

Many universities offer massive open online courses, or MOOCs, that provide various types of certificates or statements of completion but usually not credits, explains Open Culture. The classes are free but some charge a fee for the credentials. MOOCs are typically structured with a specific start and end date, although some are evergreen, which means a student can start them any time. Over 1,100 free online courses from universities like Oxford and Harvard are available online or as downloads using iTunes or YouTube.

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