How Can You Do Copy Editing From Home?

To do copy editing from home, you need strong grammar, spelling, writing, and editing skills, a computer with Internet access and word processing software, such as Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice, and a source of copy editing work. As of 2015, some freelancing websites that hire editors to work from home include,, and Most websites require a passing test score or sample submission.

As of 2015, other possible sources of freelance copy editing work include your local Chamber of Commerce, local newspapers or other publications and Craigslist. Projects on which freelance copy editors work vary. You may edit anything from academic papers to press releases, essays, articles, short stories, novels and more. Rates and deadlines vary by project, depending upon the length and source.

If you work through a website such as or, the setup of the sites determine how you find work. Some websites require freelance copy editors to submit bids on jobs in competition with other freelancers. Some sites list work for a flat rate and let freelancers choose their projects. Some clients negotiate rates based on the particulars of the project and the copy editor's experience. Be prepared to pay a fee to the site for funneling the work to you.