How Can You Get Copies of Your High School Report Cards?

If the student is under the age of 18, his parents must request a copy of his report cards or other records from the high school and possibly sign a release of information form. The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act mandates that schools provide this information to parents who request it. However, once a student is 18 or begins college, the student must make the request.

If necessary, review state and district laws pertaining to student records by contacting the local school district. Requesting a report card is usually as simple as calling the school or writing to the principal. If asking for multiple copies or for the school to mail the records, a fee sometimes applies.

In addition to report cards, schools maintain other records, such as the cumulative file, which includes the report cards as well as teacher reports, personal identification information and sometimes information about academic achievement levels. The school sometimes also maintains a confidential file. This file contains reports written by the school about the student after any official evaluations. If applicable, it sometimes also has information about medical reports, evaluations, individualized education plans created for the student, and any written communication between the student and school personnel.