How Can You Be Confident When You Talk to People?

How Can You Be Confident When You Talk to People?

Some strategies to increase confidence when talking to other people include: frequently smiling, making eye contact, asking questions and practicing small talk. Although extroversion and self-confidence are commonly thought of as innate qualities, it is possible to improve social confidence through practice.

Body language is an important way to assert social confidence, while smiling ranks among the most important gestures in body communication. A smile projects confidence, well-being and comfort, and helps engage these feelings in other people as well. People often associate these positive feelings with the person who initiated the smile, so try to smile as often as possible to make others more receptive to communication.

Making eye contact is another crucial step to increasing social confidence. Eyes play a huge role in communication, and eye contact projects confidence, openness and honesty. Making and maintaining eye contact allows others to feel more at ease and engenders a greater feeling of trust between individuals.

Asking questions is another useful strategy to improve social interactions. Most people love to talk about themselves, and asking questions offers ample opportunity to do so. Asking questions also gives the questioner opportunities to comment or ask more questions, furthering the conversation.

Finally, practicing small talk is another tactic. Even if it seems difficult, try engaging strangers at the grocery store or the dentist's office. This can help build up both confidence and social skills.