How Can I Come up With Original Ideas for Research Projects?

can-come-up-original-ideas-research-projects Credit: Hero Images/Hero Images/Getty Images

One way to come up with original ideas for research projects is to first determine an area of interest you are passionate enough to devote considerable time to and to then reflect on what the research project is intended to accomplish. After deciding on both an area of interest and a specific topic, seek out a mentor who is well-versed in this subject and willing to help you. He serves as both a research resource and sounding board.

If the research project is for school, a faculty member makes a good choice as mentor. Choosing someone experienced in the field of research ensures content is original due to his familiarity with studies that already have been conducted.

One way to create a new research project is to investigate what research has already been done and to build upon an existing faculty project by exploring another facet of the topic, expanding knowledge of the subject as a whole. Another way to find information about existing research projects that you can innovate and build from is to attend any local lectures or seminars on your chosen topic or related topics. Such events not only provide raw knowledge and potential inspiration, but they help you network with experts who may be able to assist you in developing an original research project.