How Can You Come up With Fun Project Ideas for Students?


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Find fun project ideas for students by soliciting activities from fellow teachers and educators, requesting students to brainstorm project ideas or by referencing the supplemental materials provided by textbook publishers. Educational blogs sponsored by educators, teaching organizations and associations and students also provide ideas for projects in a variety of subject areas.

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Fun project ideas range from arts and crafts creations to reading worksheets and group multimedia recordings. Educators can compile a project idea and ask students to modify the activity to meet their needs to create curriculum that is engaging and catered to the strengths of the students.

Common fun project ideas in the classroom include asking science students to create a mock roller coaster to investigate the concept of zero gravity, build a sculpture that represents a historical monument studied in a social studies class or create a scavenger hunt to find item shapes located within the school. Students enrolled in a music class may enjoy a project that is focused on creating lyrics to a melody or a melody to match lyrics. Performance art projects that prompt students to write and perform plays based on a particular unit in a literature or history class is often fun and fosters collaboration among peers.

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