Where Can You Find a Color Chart in Spanish?


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As of 2015, Spanish language color charts are available online through Woodward Spanish and the Spanish Learning Lab. Both charts are printable and available for free for personal use. The Spanish Learning Lab provides a more comprehensive color lesson than Woodward Spanish.

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Both sites further explore Spanish colors by explaining the grammar rules associated with colors in a sentence, particularly as they relate to singular, plural, masculine and feminine forms of the word. The Woodward Spanish site briefly examines vocabulary words that modify color based on the tone, shade or intensity. It ends the lesson with a link to a game that allows students to practice color vocabulary.

In addition to a color chart, the Spanish Learning Lab begins with a video tutorial on the basic colors in Spanish. The video is offered in Spanish, though viewers can turn on English subtitles if necessary. Basic sentence structure for questions and descriptions follows. The site also provides audio samples of simple sentences related to the color lesson. An interactive quiz concludes the lesson.

The Spanish Language Lab notes that native speakers tend not to worry about the names of highly specific colors such as salmon or fuschia. These colors are varieties of pink that are distinguished based on their relative lightness, darkness or intensity.

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